[Predis.AI] The Finest AI help for Instagram content development.

published on 02 January 2022

[Predis.AI] The Finest AI help for Instagram content development.

Are you looking for web content to post on Instagram? Take a look at Predis.ai! Discover the best tool for building and growing your brand and online existence.

Written by Mariela Casanova

Get Fresh Social Media Content Personalized for your Business with Predis.ai
Get Fresh Social Media Content Personalized for your Business with Predis.ai

What is the definition of GPT-3?

GPT-3 is a semantic network that can read natural language and produce specific content.

What is Artificial Intelligent System (AI)?

AI is software that simulates human knowledge. It consists of producing content.

Why should you use an AI tool?

AI assistance is a tool that can help with some tasks. It is comparable to an individual assistant.

Increase your existence as an influencer on Instagram

Predis is produced for:

  • Business owners, brands, 
  • Instagram's influencers, marketers, 
  • digital assistants, content designers and 
  • even marketing agencies.

Predis exists to:

  • Generate Instagram messages much faster.
  •  Improve your brand understanding.
  • Increase your popularity and visibility.
  • Engage with your target audience.
  • Be your virtual AI helper.
  • Help you analyse competitors.

Predis is an alternative to:

  • Copy.ai,
  • Socialstudio.ai,
  • Atoti.io
  • Rapide.ly
  • Flick. Technology
  • Hashtagsforlikes.co & more.

Predis solved:

  • To have your virtual AI assistants.
  • To get fast and accurate results with artificial intelligence.
  • Develop Instagram material to upload faster.
  • AI-generated personalized posts.
  • Improve interaction on Social Media.
  • Choose the very best hashtags that are relevant to your business.
  • Study your competitors' techniques to get an edge.

01. About Predis.ai.

Predis is an innovative solution developed by four technology experts from India Launched in early 2021, it helps you get fresh social media updates and recommendations (e.g., images/descriptions) instantly.

  • Improve your social media presence with AI-generated web content.
  • Develop an article tailored to your business to share on Instagram.
  • Set up an optimized post monthly calendar, for your audience.
Instagram Blog Post Content Creator|Predis.ai
Instagram Blog Post Content Creator|Predis.ai

Let us explore some scenarios;

I have chosen four (4) cases to compare how you can create posts regularly:

1-  The very first scene: you decide to hire a personal assistant to take care of your material production.

If you are a solopreneur, hiring a personal assistant is an option. So let us look at how to get your digital assistant to help you develop content:

The 2nd choice- Assume that you are a company and have the enough job to delegate tasks and hired personal assistant.

Third option; No VA Virtual Assistant or other Predis:

 Fourth alternative; you become a Predis.ai individual.

Thanks to me, after have more time to enjoy a ☕ cup of coffee. 

Predis has a straightforward user interface (UI) that is effortless to use, offers accessible customer support and helpful documents to help you get the most out of the software program.

Instagram Blog Post Web Content Developer|Predis.ai Testimonial.
Instagram Blog Post Web Content Developer|Predis.ai Testimonial.

Predis will create an article tailored to your brand that you can share on Instagram. Take care of the theme (images), caption, hashtags and also offer optimization ideas right away.

For who is Predis.ai?

Businesses, brands, digital helpers and influencers, and individuals developing Instagram content want to build their accounts and increase their popularity and presence.

Predis.ai Features. 

Predis is an excellent option for you to increase your visibility, interact with others and grow your audience on social media. Take a look at the features to see how Predis can help us conquer the influencer level.

— Work spaces as well as team members.

Workspace and Brands. Each brand can have multiple accounts on social media. Today, they only care about Instagram; the rest is on the roadmap.

Team member is on the roadmap. If you want to add a team member, you have to manually ask them to add the employee.

Instagram workspace | Article content post|Predis.ai 
Instagram workspace | Article content post|Predis.ai 

— Calendar feature.

Create your full-month calendar material to maximize posts and download it to a CSV file to import and publish to your favourite platform.

 Instagram Calendar Post Maker Material |Predis.ai Review.
 Instagram Calendar Post Maker Material |Predis.ai Review.

— AI Image Feature

Predis.ai suggests an image from the combination of Unsplash and Pexels; you can still submit it from your pictures if you want.

Instagram Blog Post Content Maker|Predis.ai review.
Instagram Blog Post Content Maker|Predis.ai review.

— AI Caption Feature.

Predis.ai create a post about it from a one-liner from your business and target market. Instantly develops a caption that you can edit and tweak until you are satisfied.

You can enter any idea and Predis will develop it. How cool is that? (This is just one of my favourite alternatives) Predis can do it all. 😎

Generated content automated Predis.ai
Generated content automated Predis.ai

— Hashtag suggestion.

Based on your photographs, caption, niche, and efficiency, Predis automatically suggests hashtags.

These are  composed of the creative suggestions and captions, and are displayed by importance or reach.

Allow me to hashtag few from the excitement of this tool! #nailingyourhashtags #instagramming #likeaboss #myaiassistantrocks.

Hashtags Referral|Predis.ai Testimonial.
Hashtags Referral|Predis.ai Testimonial.

As soon as you have compiled your work, you'll be able to see suggestions for higher engagement on your Instagram account based on your efficiency.

These elements are presented to you by creative, time to upload, caption size, day of the week to post, hour, and numbers recommended hashtags.

Optimization post suggestion | Predis Review
Optimization post suggestion | Predis Review

— Competitor comparison

It's excellent to see how your Instagram account compares to your competitors, so you can improve your Instagram method considerably.

Thanks to the competitor rating, you'll be able to adjust your material technique based on what your competitors are doing successfully and what they are doing inadequately.

Predis NLP formulas recognize the intent behind messages and intelligently group similar issues collectively, so you'll be able to take a look at your competitors' web content material by topic as outcomes.

Why create a post for Instagram?

There are numerous reasons for creating Instagram posts. One of the most important is that you will increase brand awareness and have far better interaction with your people and possible customers.

Predis.ai Rates.

Predis.ai Rates Introduction.

Let us do the maths and take a look at the rates per office:

Predis costs are charged at regular monthly rates.

✔ Beginner $29/month (two (2) workspaces, $14.50 per workspace per month).

✔ Developing $39/month (three (3) work areas, $13.00 per office per month).

✔ Corporate $69/month (5 (5) work areas, $13.85 per work area per month).

Predis's, if you pay each year, you can save two months.

✔ Starter: $288 Annual billed $24/month (2) work areas, $12.00 per brand month).

✔ Growth: $396 Annually billed $33/month (2) work areas, $11.00 per brand month).

✔ Enterprise: $684 Annually billed $57/month (2) work areas, $11.40 per brand month).

Monthly and annual cost| Predis.ai Prices
Monthly and annual cost| Predis.ai Prices

— Suggestions Optimization Post

Predis.ai lifetime offer.

Excellent information, friends! I have the honour to inform you that Predis.ai is offering a lifetime offer on its website, and I have a calculator in my hand.😉

The price is $59 per code (so $29 per workspace):

✔ Each code has two workspaces. For a lifetime!

✔ Optimally, you can accumulate up to twenty codes, so you can have up to 40 brands for life.

The LTD strategy will  have some limitations from month to month:

✔ Approximately 126,000 characters or 45 blog posts monthly.

Predis.ai Lifetime Prices
Predis.ai Lifetime Prices

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