If you want to know whether I am a dog or cat person, here is Thor. 🐾

Thor was not only handsome, but the first and greatest dog I ever had. I will never forget our time together.

  • Mariela casanova

Who, then, is Mariela Casanova?

I am an author and marketing expert. I write about business, marketing trends, and other in-depth topics.

  • What I do?

    I research, test, analyze in-depth a topic or tool to create original, engaging, informative, written content.

  • My studies?

    I own a Degree in Marketing, a Master's Degree in Management Business Administration (MBA), and another in Communication (MIC). 

  • Wellbeing advocated, why?

    I also own experience as an NHS worker. At children health unit and mental health in children and young people. 

  • So, what more?

    As a content creator, I am constantly developing and working on exceptional projects as meeting fantastic people.

  • Other knowledges?

    I keep up to date with the latest marketing trends and knowledge about technology, content creation, and writing

  • At the moment:

    At the moment pursuing my third Master in Creative Writing and Publishing.